Adam Staab
Dad and Educator

Welcome to my site

Hello. My name is Adam Staab. I am a father of four and a teacher of many. I have created this site to share insight concerening both of these roles. I am also sharing resources that I have created and others I have come across. I believe that any person's experiences can be a stepping stone for another and I am trying to do my part.

Conformity stunts creativity

As a father, I have slowly become aware of the effect the constraints imposed by me on my children can have on them. As an educator, I have become aware of the effect the constraints imposed by the state has on my classroom and my students. There is a fine line between preparing a child for life and molding them into who WE WANT the child to be. The latter is not healthy and abusively uses constraints. Constraints should be used to protect, not to conform. Conformity is the mud in which creativity constantly spins its wheels.

Respect for the individual

As a father, I have four individuals in my care who I want to keep just like that: individual. As an educator, I have classrooms full of individuals that need individual respect. I truly believe that respect for the individual can only be achieved by creating policies that are flexible to the individual and empowering to them. Respect for all starts with the respect for one. This site shares my experiences and thoughts on how I am trying to achieve this in both environments.

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